Indian Dream Silk Wrap 1 This handwoven silk wrap is one that I have hand dyed. I love dyeing, and silk absorbs dye so well to give a lovely richness and depth of colour. Silk is a beautiful yarn that I particularly enjoy weaving as the drape and feel of the finished fabric is gorgeous and luxurious.

The Indian Dream Silk Wrap is woven from two different types of silk yarn. In the main part of the wrap I have used a silk noil yarn, which has no shine to it at all and a slight uneven texture. The golden stripes are woven using a cultivated mulberry silk yarn, that has the lovely sheen that we associate with silk. I have also used the silk noil yarn for the painted ikat style accents.

This wrap is woven with a dark red cotton in a plain weave, with the golden stripes a warp faced weave.

Instead of just a normal fringe on this wrap, I twisted the fringe into cords and wrapped silk around the ends to secure them.  A silk wrap like this one needs special trimming.

Indian-Dream-Silk-Wrap3Indian-Dream-Silk-Wrap-2The inspiration for this silk wrap was the colours of India, and the beautifully decorated and ornate textiles that are found all over the country.

I was especially influenced by the lovely, long lengths of sari fabric with their repetitive patterns and brocade and silk stripes that run the whole length of the fabric.


The Indian Dream Silk Wrap is one of four pieces I designed and made, as an invited exhibitor at the annual Riversdale Exhibition in Southland New Zealand.

I have kept this wrap as part of my own collection… silk has a lovely warmth to it and this wrap has such a softness to it, that I can wear it as either a wrap or scarf.