hi-fibre-diet-new zealand wool1New Zealand wool is such a lovely fibre to use and the yarns produced are so varied, I never get tired of weaving with wool. Usually the pieces I weave are something you can wear and very rarely do I design purely art pieces.

hi-fibre-diet-new zealand wool3Before I had the commitment of running my own my gallery and studio, I was a member of The Professional Weavers’ Network of New Zealand (PWN). This is a group of New Zealands most talented weavers who promote excellence in their work and hold an annual seminar to share knowledge and assimilate new ideas within the textile world. One of the aims of the group is to promote the textile and fibre arts as a vibrant and exciting contemporary art form.

While I was a member of the PWN, and exhibition titled “BlackWhite – a journey through contrast” was organised and toured throughout the country. This was a very successful exhibition that ended up touring New Zealand for over a year.

For a weaver like me who loves colour, this presented a challenge to design an art piece in black and white shades only. I designed and wove four minature wraps that were displayed on 55cm high torsos. My idea was based on the thought that no matter what mans’ endeavours, nature will eventually reclaim what is rightfully hers.

hi-fibre-diet-new zealand wool2Each wrap was woven with a different weave in New Zealand wool and tencel. The first and last in the series were felted after being woven, creating little squares of unfelted tencel. The middle two wraps were both woven with a wool lycra thread added to give a textured effect. After all four wraps were completed I ripped holes and pulled threads in them to give the impression of being moth eaten. The finishing touch was to decorate them with brown moths created from feathers.