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11094721_10203959482970973_7952589977421731788_n[1](1)My niece Anna Doyle, is a hugely talented photographer and has recently set up a website to showcase her images and writing…magneticdirections




As well as her portrait photos, she experiments with photography techniques, manipulating and enhancing the image, so the end result is a beautiful and unique photo.








Anna is extremely well traveled and the images from her travels around the globe are truly outstanding. She manages to capture the colour and vibrancy of a place with a single photo.











I am so proud of what she has achieved, and to see the creativity that I grew up with continue to grow in the next generation is a heartwarming thing.



It takes a person with a true and honest eye to show us the beauty in the most mundane of subjects.




Anna’s images are available for sale and she is more than happy to send internationally. Just contact her via the magnetic directions website for further information

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