Melbourne & Jean Paul Gaultier

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Melbourne & Jean Paul Gaultier

blog-28-11-14Recently, I was in Melbourne for a short break to catch up with family and the timing couldn’t have been better. The Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition was on at the National Gallery of Victoria, the only place in the Asia/Pacific region to be showcasing this wonderful exhibition.

Jean Paul Gaultier is a name synonymous with edgy and intricate fashions. Known for blurring the lines of gender and turning the world of French fashion on its head, he has earn’t himself the title of ‘L’enfant terrible’ in the process.




blog-28-11-13His design skills are extraordinary, from the gorgeous romantic floral ruffled gowns to the outrageous cone bra outfits he designed for Madonna. What was so exciting for me in the exhibition, was to see up close garments I had only ever seen in books. The detailing, tailoring and fabrics were absolutely beautiful, and I could have happily spent a couple of days looking at these garments.

The exhibition itself was 160 of Jean Paul Gaultier’s garments, many of them haute couture pieces that you would normally never get a chance to see up close.



My favourite piece in the whole exhibition would have to be this dress below. The detailing in the knitting and the combination of the tulle netted skirt and very fine wool just works so beautifully. Even though it isn’t as flamboyant as many of the garments are, the romanticism of it appealed to me. It is one of the more understated pieces in the exhibition and one I could imagine wearing.










This coat was also one of my favourites. While I certainly admired the more extravagant garments, these more subtle pieces with their detailing and little touches caught my eye.










Showcasing a career that spans 40 years of a fashion designing, must make it hard for the curator and Jean Paul Gaultier himself to decide which garments to exhibit. What was interesting about the whole exhibition was that not one single piece looked dated and is just as relevant today as it was when initially designed.










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