Mr Finch ~ “Textile artist who lives in a fairytale world”

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Mr Finch  ~  “Textile artist who lives in a fairytale world”

Finch-and-large-moth-clear-skin-764x1024Fairytale foxes, sleeping hares, flitting moths and other forest dwellers…welcome to the world of Mr Finch.

I absolutely love this gentleman’s work and he is one of my favourite textile artists. He uses mainly recycled materials, a threadbare wedding dress, velvet curtains from an old hotel, vintage embroidered linens to create his highly detailed pieces.

In his words,  “A story sewn in, woven in.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Having no formal training myself, I love looking at work from people that just create instinctively, they have a need to produce what they see in their minds eye and there are no barriers as to how they go about this, no rules apply. To me this gives you a lot of freedom and Mr Finch epitomizes this to me.

He draws on the rich tapestry of British folklore stories, and this is reflected in the quirkiness of his work. Each piece is exquisitely sewn and his eye for colour and the smallest detail brings the insects, fungi and critters alive.








DSC_0002-1024x1024Just click here for a link to Mr Finch’s website and here for his facebook page.

I think he sums up his work very well in this one sentence…

“Storytelling creatures for people who are also a little lost, found and forgotten…”

Thankyou Mr Finch for giving me permission to use these images.

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