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Chartreuse Wrap

Content: Wool

Measurements: approx 200cm x 56cm (80″ x 22″)

A very stylish wrap with beautiful drape. Woven with a fine wool boucle yarn.

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$ NZ 235.00 shipping included

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Stripe Wrap

Content: Merino Wool, Tencel, Linen and Cotton Blend.

Measurements: approx 194cm x 36cm (76″ x 14″)

Unique wrap in fawn and black merino wool, stripes of beige, blue, olive green and maroon with a heather colourway blend of cotton and linen woven with a fine wool to create a collapse weave.

Please go to my Amazon Handmade Store to purchase this item. 

NZ $220.00 shipping included Out of stock


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Jaisalmer Wrap

Content: Merino Wool, Silk, Cotton and Mohair.

Measurements: approx 296cm x 53cm (116″ x 21″)

This is a very special unique piece. For this wrap, I designed the main part to take advantage of a lovely mohair and merino 2ply yarn, that has a beautiful softness and drape. I hand dyed it with a colourway of bordeaux, purple, olive green and old gold which emphasized the richness and sheen of this yarn.

To give the mohair wrap some texture I incorporated four other yarns, a heavy, luxurious silk boucle that I dyed an old gold, a slub cotton thread in purples and deep pinks and a merino boucle yarn dyed a rich deep red. The final yarn is a wool lycra blend also dyed a deep red. This yarn when washed, shrinks considerably and creates a ripple effect throughout the whole piece. The wrap was woven with a 2ply merino wool dyed a deep purple. I then added fine brass beads all around the edges.

This wrap was truly a labour of love and was one of only two New Zealand entries accepted for the Fibre Design Book 7 published in America.

Price: $1,200.00 Out of stock