rajasthani-mohair-wrapThere are a number of reasons why I love to weave and the Rajasthani Mohair Wrap features all of these…  colour, mixing yarns, textures and fine detailing.

For this wrap, I designed the main part to take advantage of a lovely mohair and merino 2ply yarn, that has a beautiful softness and drape. I hand dyed it with a colourway of bordeaux, purple, olive green and old gold which emphasized the richness and sheen of this yarn.

To give the mohair wrap some texture I incorporated four other yarns, a heavy, luxurious silk boucle that I dyed an old gold, a slub cotton thread in purples and deep pinks and a merino boucle yarn dyed a rich deep red. The final yarn is a wool lycra blend also dyed a deep red. This yarn when washed, shrinks considerably and creates a ripple effect throughout the whole piece. The wrap was woven with a 2ply merino wool dyed a deep purple.

Instead of leaving a plain fringe, I twisted all the ends to make fine spiral cords secured with a wrapping of silk at the ends. The finishing touch entailed sewing hundreds of tiny brass beads along the sides of the wrap and between the spiral cords.

The Rajasthani Mohair Wrap was woven for the Creative Fibre Festival in Wellington. It was also selected for exhibition at the Norsewear Art Awards in Hawkes Bay and was one of only 2 entries from New Zealand accepted to feature in the Fibre Arts Design Book 7, published in the U.S.A.

rajasthani-mohair-wrap-1Since weaving this wrap, I have gone onto creating many scarves and wraps using the wool lycra yarn in many different colourways and styles.