Sydney Trip

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Sydney Trip

What a wonderful time I had in Sydney, catching up with my family, meeting my new great nephew, seeing old friends and making new ones. Not to mention the exhibitions, festivals, beaches, mountains, food and wine! vivid-festival-2014
One reason I went at this time of the year, was to see the Vivid Festival in Sydney. Buildings are covered in light shows with music and there are light walks and sculptures to wander around. I was at the opening of Vivid, sitting by Sydney Harbour with hundreds of people, looking at the Opera House when the lights were all turned on. It certainly was a sight to see, as were all the other buildings lit up. I also was there at the closing of Vivid with a friend, and thousands of other people, so got to see more of the festival again including the light shows and installations in Martin Place. The weirdest part was walking up the middle of George St in the city with no cars about. They had closed at least 6 blocks to traffic and it was fun wandering up the street to the railway station for the train ride back to the mountains. I am enamoured of the Sydney public transport system. So efficient and easy to get around on.

customs houseOne of the highlights of my trip to Sydney was catching up with an old friend, spending time in the Blue Mountains and meeting new friends. One of these was Graham Hallett, a very talented artist and a lovely man. I was lucky enough to be in the mountains when Grahams’ new exhibition was opening at the Lost Bear Gallery in Katoomba. It looked wonderful… strong vibrant colours and clean, clear lines and I very much admire his work. The exhibition opening was fun and a chance to have a good look at Grahams work and the gallery. The after party was even more fun!  Graham kindly gave me permission to use one of his images here, “Shelter.”

ShelterJust click here to go to his FaceBook page. He is represented by the Lost Bear Gallery, Katoomba. Click here to go to their website.

Graham also kindly Sublime-Pointplayed tour guide on a couple of occasions and took me to some truly beautiful places. I had forgotten how spectacular the Blue Mountains are, and one of my favourite places was Sublime Point. Perfect time of day and weather to be here. Graham is very knowledgeable on the area, and seems to know every little nook and cranny.

phantom-falls-2I also finally got the chance to see my good friend Michael Mandelcs‘ latest public sculpture, Phantom Falls at the Katoomba Cultural Centre. I had seen it in photos but to actually be there looking at it, seeing the textures, how it gently sways was wonderful and I am in awe of this mans work. To have Michael explain the creation of it to me and see  the drawings, models and the work and preparation involved was an added bonus. He is also represented by the Lost Bear Gallery, Katoomba.





I was sad to say goodbye to my family…Cath, Bob & Margie (sorry we missed each other by 10 mins at the airport Anna and Simon), Rod, Cecilia, Maddy, Peta and Alex, Paul, and my Aunty Didy and Jojo. It was so good to see you all and thankyou for looking after me so well. And a big thanks to Michael and Graham for some great nights and days and guitar.

I need to remember that Sydney isn’t on the over side of the world, it’s only a hop across the Tasman!


  1. Michael Mandelc
    June 30, 2014

    Sox! A great little blog! Blue Mts Tourism should put you on salary. I am very glad you have put a peg in the ground re: Fox and Sox – Big Day Out. Should confer on this and get it blocked out, some very weird things happened and we need to compare notes! It all started with a purple train and meeting the Laksa Specialist…Feeling loose goose after a good rest. I think the brontosaurus steak I ripped into has driven off the remnants of you know what…The Vile HL! Fox xx

    • Lindycat
      July 2, 2014

      And what a day out it was!

  2. Bronny
    July 8, 2014

    Absolutely love the light show, and I can imagine the atmosphere would of been awesome 🙂


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